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Big Wild Goose Pagoda Tour  

                       Price, starts from 510 Yuan  per person, included: vehicle, entry ticket, drink, meal, escort and a book << Perceived phrases>>.


1, See you at hotel lobby at 8.30 AM, show your car and the driver.

2, Reach to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda at 9.30 AM, after entry you could look around the temple area.

3,A talk on general way of living based on Buddhist thoughts, at 11.00 AM, get a free Buddhism book << Perceived Phrases>>.

4, Lunch at 12.30 PM.

5, Xian city wall or Northern square fountain show for your alternative choice starts at 2.00PM. Driving back to your hotel at 4.30 PM.   

     Big wild goose pagoda was built in 652 AD, in the Tang Dynasty, originally had five stories, its d body rebuilt in 704 AD and its exterior brick facade renovated in the Ming Dynasty.  It was to hold Buddhism sutras and figurines which were brought back to China from India . The pagoda currently stands a height of 64 m (210 ft) tall with seven stories and from the top it has a view over Xian city. It is on the list of World Culture Heritage. The scenic area includes, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Daci'en Temple, and various of squares. Built of bricks, and each brick was individually ground into shape before being laid to ensure a perfect fit. Big Wild Goose Pagoda, externally looks like a square cone, on four sides are engraved fine statues. Inside, visitors can climb twist up stairs. Today, sized of 12.5 acres (50,738 square meters), one seventh of the original occupation, it still retains its glamorous.

Terra Cotta Army Tour (Extended program)

                       Price, starts from 590 Yuan  per person, included: vehicle, entry ticket, drink, meal, escort and a replica of mini Terra Cotta general 

1See you at your hotel lobby at 8.30 AM; make sure of your satisfaction with car and driver.

2Reach at Terracotta Warriors Museum at 10.00 AM. Visit this World spectacular underground clay army from 210 BC.

3Having lunch at 1.00 PM

4Wondering around a local kiln to have a look how a Terracotta general   is been made today for 30 minutes.

5  Drive back to Xian city, Xian ancient city wall, Shanxi history museum or Muslim quarter for your afternoon alternative choice. Back to your hotel at 5.30PM.     

Pander Tour (Extended program)

                       Price, starts from 520 Yuan  per person, included: vehicle, entry ticket, drink, meal, escort and a pack of strawberry.


          1, See you at 8.30 at your hotel lobby, make sure the preparation is properly done for the journey.

          2, Pick up strawberry from trees on a farm of local village together with villagers for two hours, some for your own consumption before lunch.

          3, Lunch in a village canteen, corps fresh from the filed, fruit just picked up from trees at 12.30 PM. 

          4, See panders and other rare animal spices at 2.00 pm, short distance grandeur mountain path walk after that.

                                 , Drive back to your hotel at 6.00 PM. A night lakeside picnic and exchange thoughts on the book of <<Perceived phrases>> conversation as for your alternative choice, the author is with you, this is going to be a random talk of differences on any subject, just easy, relax but understandable.       ͼ  è 8  9  7