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Buddhism is an important foreign influence that has had a significant impact on the lives of the Chinese people. Buddhism in China is both a philosophy and a religion. It has shaped our language, our food, our arts including our sculpture and has directly inspired the characteristics of the pagoda.

It was introduced to China in the first Christian century, its influence rose steadily throughout the Northern Wei and Chin dynasties. During the Sung Dynasty the influence grew under the influence of a new Confucianism school. Confucians had delved deep into Buddhism and came back to Confucianism with a new perspective. Buddhism did not convert these scholars, but it changed the tenor of Confucianism itself.  Confucianism was mainly a philosophy of moral conduct, but Buddhism possessed a logical method. Buddhism declares a futility of the world and offers a refuge from the pains and vicissitudes of this earthly life. Apart from the negative aspect which is a protest against life, there is an aspect of Buddhism which is similar to evangelical influences, the one that promotes general kindness among the common people. The Buddhist religion allows for an emotional outlet for the Chinese people. The most vivid and direct influence that Buddhism exercises over the believers is through the doctrine of transmigration.  Buddhism has had and continues to have a direct influence on the lives of the Chinese people.



Perceived   phrases

With everything comes reasoning, Buddha is the first reasoning.
Predestined fate has been arranged by Buddha.
Religion illuminates the bright side of men’s heart.
Honesty is the first step of being a religious person.
The heart of Buddha is the heart to happiness.
Buddhism has the meaning of perceiving.
Buddha is equal to everybody with his time.
The Buddha and the Sage come to together, both are creatures with divine conscious.
Man should listen to Buddha’s warning.
Buddha says: “Let it go, do not hold it tight..”

Buddha says: “Everything depends on one’s attitude.”
It is rather to be a pagan than lost in religion.
Tao is in different religions: Bible says, Tao and God share same existence; Muslim says, we are pursuing Master’s Tao; Laozi says, Tao can be told is not universal Tao; Confucius says, it is rather to born in the morning and die in the dusk, after hearing Tao; Buddha says, Tao is a universal principle, Tao is nature.
Man’s law is conditioned by earth; earth’s way is conditioned by heaven; heaven’s way is conditioned by Tao; Tao’s way is conditioned by nature.
A merciful man does not have worries; a wise man does not have confusion; a brave man does not have fear; they are having a happy life.
A peaceful head is connected with a clear heart

Chinese Zodiac

ao, a mythical monarch built a system with 10 heavenly stems and 12 mundane branches. The later were correspond to 12 animals. Each animal not only related to one year in a 12 years circle , but also
connected with 2 hours of every single day. One’s
future could be tell by this intriguing system.
   Among these 12 animals, certain animals are belonging to Yang, certain animals are belonging to Yin. Yang is positive, Yin is negative. There is a variable percentage Yin in Yang, also Yang in Yin according to different ones. This astrology wheel has been pushed forward by interplay between the two .